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Wayne St. John's official web site; has music to download. St. John has extended his boundaries now as an Inventor. Wayne plays the Pan Flute, is a singer, writer/musician, actor, choir director, graphic artist & playwright.

What Will You Find Here?

This website is dedicated to everything Wayne St. John related! That’s saying a LOT. Just take a look at all of the things that this guy is into: singing, the pan flute, singing, writing music), acting, choir, writing plays, and graphical art! What doesn’t Wayne St. John do? The list is fairly small: not a whole heck of a lot! Ha! Ok, seriously, let’s not focus on what the man does not do, but what he does.

With such a wide range of artistic endeavors up his sleeve you can asks yourself a basic question: is it artistic? If so, then Wayne St. John probably has his hands in it at some stage.

What Can You Get Here?

You can get some of the most amazing points of view here, especially from a man who has been around the music industry for longer than most people on this rock have been sucking down air! Wayne St. John has been using his ear, fingers, and well, just about every part of his body, to make music or do something musically artistic for over four decades! That’s right, four decades! The long list of accomplishments could fill up its own website, but let’s just say that the man has been around the block.

What does that mean for you?

It means that if you come here you can get knowledge, help, and a point of view that is truly seasoned and experienced. Music with a global perspective can help us all reach new levels of enlightenment, and to help us find a better way to share the wealth of the world with everyone by giving back everything we can!

Are You Ready?

Before you proceed you need to ask yourself this question: are you ready for a change? If so, then you’re ready for one love! That love have to start within you and work its way out to the planet as a whole! One small change at a time, one gift of time or material can start a massive snowball effect to help make massive change possible. Go ahead, throw that very first snowflake and watch carefully as an avalanche of peace and prosperity rolls down the mountain and obliterates ignorance and petty emotions!

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